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Documentary Business

Peter Hamilton Consultants, Inc

Consulting Services


Consultation on your Strategy for Developing, Funding, Pitching, Producing and Distributing your Documentary, Special or Series, or Online Content Project

For 30+ years, I have advised both leading and emerging producers, networks, foundations, investors, law firms and governments on their strategies for making the greatest impact with their documentary and unscripted projects.

In this initial one-hour phone consultation and follow up call, I will review your proposals and:

  • Analyze the strengths & weaknesses of your concept/s.
  • Define strategic options for funding and distributing.
  • Highlight the potential buyers, including networks, VOD platforms and international buyers.
  • Describe their key terms, including what they pay.
  • Recommend key resources, such as for production management / budgeting, legal and social media.
  • And provide an overall assessment of your project/s with recommended Next Steps.

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