Netflix 2024: What You Need To Know Now!

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STREAMERS & DOCUMENTARIES: A Snapshot Guide for Producers


STREAMERS & DOCUMENTARIES is a snapshot of the key available information about the platforms: what programs are they looking for, their recently announced originals, and who are their programming decision-makers.

My handy guide covers: Disney+, HBO MAX, Apple TV+, Peacock, Hulu, Prime Video, Discovery+, Curiosity Stream, Paramount+, YouTube, Waterbear Network, Documentary+.

This information is invaluable for producers who are planning to pitch the rapidly changing streaming sector.

My snapshot guide is a work-in-progress because we are riding a historic shift in the way programming is created, distributed, and viewed by audiences. Important strategic and practical announcements are made and revised by the streamers every day.

The revolutionary growth of the platforms converts to lots of opportunities for documentary and unscripted producers.

The total global SVOD customer base is estimated to top 1.2Bn video subscribers by 2025.  Netflix leads at 341 million: Its 2021-2022 content spend of $17Bn will grow. And grow yet more!

The other platforms are expanding fast. They are eating into Netflix’s dominant market share, and boosting their own spending on documentaries and unscripted programs in the process. They need new sources of programs. Find out what it means for you!

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Streamers & Documentaries

Legacy studios like Paramount and channels operators like Discovery are now “ALL IN!” to the streaming strategy.

They are joined by factual program entrepreneurs like Discovery founder John Hendricks and his CuriosityStream platform that relies on classic, curated documentary content. And there’s the mission-driven venture Waterbear that features wildlife programs linked to conservation partners.

Consumers are adding streaming services in such numbers that the industry is no longer concerned that Netflix, Disney+ and the others are bitterly competing for the same customers.

My STREAMERS & DOCUMENTARIES: A Snapshot Guide is an invaluable GPS for documentary producers who are seeking pathways to tomorrow’s buyers for the projects they’re developing today.

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